Fred Koch

P-SCE, Certification Director of The Tudor Bompa Institute International 

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After completing his education, Fred became a Police Officer for 7 years.  He purchased a gym in 1978.  The day the gym was to open it burned to the ground. With no insurance after the fire, he negotiated a small business loan, rebuilt the Fitness Center and spent the next 16 years there.

Owning a small business forced Fred to study sales, marketing and training. He showed a certain talent for these fields, which accounts for the diversity in his experiences.  His love for law enforcement accounts for the close relationship he has always kept to the law enforcement field designing training programs etc.

Education 1968-1974:

Monmouth University, Long Branch, New Jersey

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, minored in Criminal Justice

Experience    in Norway:

 Present  :

Co-Owner , Bear Cave Trenningsenter. Vågsbygd ,Kristiansand , Noray


Lund Training Center, Manager, Director of Training

International Managing Director, TBI, Tudor Bompa Institute

Started (Norways first free strength training web page for sports and fitness.)

Computerized Training system: Fred has design a computerized training format using MS excel. This allows him to training athletes throughout the

country. Examples of program upon request.


Kristiansand’s 1st Professional strength trainer

Teams and Individuals trained:

Strength Coach Norwegian National Biathlon Federation 2004-2006

Design strength program for National Olympic Team and introduce strength training system to National Federations athletes.

Ole Einar Bjorndalen/ men’s A Team 2005-2006

Gro Marit Istad,- Biathlon Gold medal  2005 VM (World Championships)

Vipers Professional women’s handball team. 2002-2006

AK Lund, women’s team handball. 2007-2010

Holger Hott Johansen  -Orienteering World Champion 2006

KSA Swim team, 2001-2006

Start 16 –Start Junior– Start 90 (soccer)

Carl Berthelsen (Norways top professional motorcycle road racer)

2002 rookie of the year, Europe, 2007 Scandanvian Champion



Mardon Moi 1st place Norges cup

Thomas Timenes 1st place NM

Eirin Vaage–  trial -female

KOK (orienteering ) Klubb,  2005

Staff Writer:


Ironman Bodybuilding Magazine

Wrote a monthly column on Strength Training and Muscle Function.Wrote over 100 articles for various Fitness and Sports Magazines

Other Experience:


Fitness Center Inc.: Little Silver, New Jersey. Owned and operated a Sports and Training Center.

During this period:

Fred was a partner in 2 Karate schools where he taught and directed sales and marketing. Recieved his 2nd degree black belt.


In 1997 received US patent #5611765 on an abdominal training device called the “AB MAT”

Author :


Strength Training for Sports” 300 page guide to Strength and conditioning for sports.

“Ironman Training System Success Guide” Covers the art of designing and implementing and annual training plan for the sport of bodybuilding.

“Killer Abs” Covers the newest techniques in abdominal training

Other Publications:

1998  “US Navy Seals Fitness Manual” wrote the chapter on Strength Training.

Co-authored book, “Body Dynamics”, sports and fitness training for women.

“Police Recruit Training” Unpublished book on fitness training for basic recruit police training