Dr. Tudor Bompa


Tudor Bompa: The World Leader in Athletes’ Training

Founder of the Tudor Bompa Institute

PO Box 95, Sharon, On, L0G 1V0, Canada

tel: +1 905-478-2666, tudor.bompa@sympatico.ca

Ph.D. State University of New York / Free University of Brussels

Dr. Tudor O. Bompa, Professor Emeritus, York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is regarded worldwide as the leading specialist in the area of theory of training / coaching / fitness, to which he has contributed several new concepts/theories.

Dr. Bompa’s theories are primarily prevalent in the area of theory of planning-periodization, periodization of strength, power, speed, agility, and endurance, age-group training, periodization of fitness and weight loss, periodization of bodybuilding, psychological periodization, and periodization of nutrition, have revolutionized training in most counties of the world.

Prof. Tudor Bompa has published 14 books (8 in English), all best sellers, translated into 18 languages: from Chinese to Russian, Japanese to Italian, and from French to Spanish, etc. Most of these books are used as textbooks in universities, coaching institutions, certification programs, and continuing education in over 180 countries of the world. Dr. Bompa’s concepts can be found within his numerous books, the most popular world-wide being: “Periodization: Theory and Methodology of Training” (often called the Bible of Training), “Periodization of Training for Sports”(the most popular strength training book for sports in the world), “Total Training for Young Champions”, “Serious Strength Training”, etc.

He has also published over a hundred research papers, and papers on training methodology. As a highly respected training specialist, Dr. Tudor Bompa has made presentations in over 35 countries of the world on topics such as training theory, planning-periodization, training methods, strength, power and agility training, specifics of training for team sports, etc.

Tudor Bompa has also been a very prolific coach. In only 8 years of international coaching his athletes have won 11 medals (4 gold) in Olympic Games and World Championships, and 22 national championships titles. He is the only coach who has produced Olympic / World champions in two different sports: track and field and rowing. He has also compiled training programs for professional teams, and guided individual athletes to highest athletic achievements.

As a recognition to his contributions to the body of knowledge in training, fitness, and coaches education, Prof. Bompa has received 22 honours and awards, 19 of them internationally.

Publications : 14 books, translated into 18 languages and used in over 180 countries of the world as :textbooks for universities; coaching / certifications institutions; and by individual coaches / instructors for training athletes in various sports. -5 manuals; 2 films; videos

Book sales: 160,000 in US and Canada and 750,000 around the world

Presentations / Conferences :

94 international in 36 countries -56 domestic

Honours/ Awards : 22, most of them international

Expertise : – Theory of sports training, fitness, planning, training programming


One response to “Dr. Tudor Bompa

  1. Dear Mr. Tudor Bompa

    I’m from Qatar , I love your way when you writing or discuse any topics related with sport training

    We have your books in our library ( Qatar Olympic Library/ QOC) , so we need to keep in touch to buy your books or to know about your latest publications.

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