About TBI

Welcome to the Tudor Bompa Institute

The Tudor Bompa Institute (TBI) is a progressive company sitting at the forefront of sport conditioning and exercise sciences.

The foundation of our program rests on the concept of periodization.

TBI is composed of sports science specialists who strive to enhance the understanding of planning and training through the implementation of fitness and sports specific services, empowering both the athlete and exercise professional.

Dr. Tudor Bompa is recognized worldwide as the foremost expert on periodization training. He first developed the concept of periodization of strength in Romania in 1963, as he helped the eastern bloc countries rise to dominance in the athletic world. Since then, Bompa has used his system to train 11 Olympic Games medalists, and periodization training has become a standard method for conditioning champion athletes.

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  • 10.08.11: TBI has expanded to Iran.
  • 08.08.11: TBI has expanded to the Arabic countries, mainseat in UAE.
  • 24.07.11: TBI has expanded to Croatia and Serbia.
  • 09.07.11: TBI has expanded to Cuba and Mexico.
  • 02.02.11: Brazil gets a new director – Rogerio Orban.
  • 18.12.10: Portugal gets a new director – Filipe Teixeira.
  • 12.10.10: TBI holds seminar at the University in Cuba.
  • 22.07.10: You can now find us on our Facebook page.
  • 01.05.10: New TBI webpage.