About the certifications

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The focus of these courses is PRACTICAL APPLICATION. All participants will be tested on their ability to create, develop and apply training and planning principles to given scenarios. There are two grading components: an open-book multiple choice/true and false/fill-in-the-blank questions, as well as short-answer practical application scenarios.

Whether you are a personal trainer desiring involvement in the strength and conditioning field, or a coach involved in a specific sport or variety of sports, these courses is sure to diversify and improve your actually training and conditioning skills.

The knowledge you will attain will allow you to walk on the field or into a gym with a better ability to actually set up the exact exercises, sets and reps to ensure results with every athlete or individual you train.

About the curriculum

This is not only a textbook based course. Tudor Bompa’s books on training are known worldwide. A seperate course base textbook is included in each course along with any of the latest updated material that TBI designs.

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We at TBI have created 10 short instructional videos that give a step by step approach for annual plans, as well as exercise selection and use. 100 exercise videos are also available on youtube for our students.

Tudor Bompa and TBI are known for being the group that actually defined in a set by set rep by rep format what “progressive overload” for each phase means.  To demonstrate this we have designed a simple MS excel spread sheet for this purpose.  These 10 short teaching videos are also included with each course.

It is important to us that each student has a full understanding of the material presented. For no extra charge we offer assistance with any part of the TBI certification process you may have questions about. We can do this in numerous languages.