Periodization – Planning Specialist (P-PS)

As a P-PS you will become an expert in the following:

  1. short-term and long-term planning, peaking and regeneration.
  2. design of microcycles, macrocycles and annual plans. Altering energy systems to meet your client’s needs.
  3. designing programs for the preparatory, competitive and transition phases.
  4. quantifying training for optimal physiological response.
  5. interrelating physical, technical and tactical training.
  6. breaking down the physiological requirements of a sport or movement and creating the appropriate training methods to maximize adaptation.

Prerequisites for P-PS Certification:

Personal trainer certification (ie.A.C.E. / C.P.T.N./Can Fit Pro etc.) Professional liability. Note: Professional experience may be sufficient. Provide a detailed summary of your experiences.

Required Reading: 

Periodization: Theory and Methodology of Training by Dr. Tudor Bompa

Recommended Reading:

Periodization Training for Sports by Dr. Tudor Bompa