Periodization – Specialist for Ice Hockey (P-SIH)

As a P-SIH you will learn:

  1. the role of energy systems training in hockey.  It’s importance in designing training programs in general; and speed, strength, and power in particular.
  2. the concept of planning-periodization, how to plan a training session, and how to ensure that peak performance will be achieved prior to the beginning of league games using micro cycles.
  3. how to periodize and plan the hockey-specific motor abilities of speed, strength, power and endurance.

Prerequisites for P-SIH Certification:

You must provide documented proof of personal trainer certification (e.g. CPTN, NSCA, ACE, etc) and professional liabilities. Professional experience may be sufficient. Provide a summary of your experiences.

Required texts:

Total Hockey Conditioning: from Pee-Wee to Pro. By Tudor O. Bompa and David Chambers (2003). Key Porter Books, Toronto ON Canada / Firefly Books (US) Inc., Buffalo, NY

Recommended Texts:

Total Training for Coaching Team Sports by Tudor O. Bompa (2005),Toronto Sports Books.

Periodization Training for Sports: strength training programs for 20 sports (Second Edition, 2005) by Tudor O. Bompa and Mike Carrera